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Socially awkward in Suburbia.

Socially awkward in Suburbia.


"Some Pursue Happiness - Others Create it" - Anonymous



"Some Pursue Happiness - Others Create it" - Anonymous


How do you come up with these project ideas?


You know when you look up at the sky and see a cloud that "looks like....."

Well, for me, it's kinda like that, but with metal. This is a tough question to answer and so far, this is the best way I've been able to explain it. 


The best way to determine whether a project is available is to reach out to me directly. 

If there's something you've fallen in love with, but the item has gone to a new home already, don't fret! I love a good custom project challenge - just let me know what it is you're looking for!

shipping and delivery options


Due to the weight/size of these projects, I do not currently offer shipping. I do, however, offer free delivery within the surrounding area.. Of course, this may vary based off different scenarios so I would recommend reaching out to me first if you have questions.