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Custom Request projects

Custom Request; Heavy Duty Towing Company - Dual phone and business card holder

Have an idea in mind but not sure exactly what you're looking for? Send me an email; give me a brief overview on what you're looking to achieve and we'll figure something out. Some examples from previous requests are dual phone and business card holders (Heavy Duty Towing Company), favorite childhood story (Don Quijote), or maybe you have a favorite animal/creature/movie/memory....... getting the point here? (The possibilities are endless!)

'mindful metal' Projects


These projects are ones I've created just for the heck-of-it. For the love of expression through passion of welding. Where my (odd, yet very entertaining) mind tends to wander. People/things/experiences which inspired me somehow. 

These projects are available for purchase; if you are interested in something particular on this site please send me an email to confirm the item is still available (I'm a little slow sometimes getting around to updating this kinda detail on my site). 

You can also use as a starting point to set the scene for a more custom project request if you're not sure how to kick-start your vision into words :)

'Donate to discount' projects


Have scrap metal that you'd like to see implemented into your own project? Donating materials can earn you a discount on custom project request, available inventory item, etc. Regardless of the game plan; I -try- to create something stellar using your metal scrap as a personal 'shop challenge'*